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  Helping you find the balance of life and business you desire

  Scott & Scott form the OneUnifiedStrategy team, Arise2’s coaching and development services. You have access to two MBAs, CEO leadership + operations management, and technology + finance. Our team approach multiplies your impact.

  The name "OneUnifiedStrategy" came about when it was time to name our website. The "Strategy" part came from Smith and the "Unified" part from Weaver. Using "UnifiedStrategy" seemed to us not that descriptive and the domain name was taken. Adding the "One" completes our purpose and our name.

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D. Scott Smith MBA

   Scott brings 20+ years of wide experiences in business and formal education. His undergraduate degree is in Finance with a minor in Behavioral Sciences. This allowed him to work in diverse industries such as financial services, supply chain management, manufacturing, company founder. He has worked with many entrepreneurs as a coach and mentor. Scott and his wife has three children and a variety of animals. He enjoys coaching his kid's sports teams (football and track). When Scott travels, he usually takes a guitar to play in the local blues jams.

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Scott R. Weaver MBA

   Scott brings consulting and CEO experience to companies and business owners, bringing about change and assisting growth by uniting technology, business, and people. His approach is to adapt practical experience with best-practice methods to provide clear solutions and paths forward. Scott has an undergraduate degree in Engineering with a minor in Japanese. In his downtime, he likes running, gardening, and lots of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Contact information

Scott & Scott are based in Oregon and serve nationwide.
OneUnifedStrategy is part of Arise2 LLC, a consulting agency

c/o Arise2, LLC PO Box 992
Philomath, OR 97370

picture of Scott and Scott

picture of Scott and Scott