Individual Coaching

Work on the business, not in the business.
Take you and your business to the next level
with our proven 7-step

Sorry, our Individual Coaching is Not open at this time.
The next sign-up period starts March 2018.

    The NextLevel is our premier and practical coaching service to raise your business to the next level. We address the complexity challenges you face, clarify the ambiguous choices, and provide the catalyst on your team to bring change to build and grow their future. We ask the tough questions to discover and link your dreams to your business, share solutions, and provide accountability. We focus on the person and the process.

We use holistic approach that unites the analytical and philosophical, the business, and the person to enable transformational change.

To ensure success, OUS has "Good Fit" expectations and candidates need to answer a few questions.

Key Features

Weekly Group Meetings (on-line)

Weekly Accountability

Personalized Coaching

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Weekly Face-to-Face Time

Intentional Change

It is time for us to decide to live intentionally.

We continually underestimate how much we are going to change, however many studies show that most people change in our lives (and business) is unintentional and consistently underestimate the amount we will change in the future – a condition called the “end of history illusion”. Unchecked, this condition can lead to sub-optimal decisions such as overpaying for future opportunities based on current preferences.

We often say that we want to move to the “Next Level” – but what does that mean? Perhaps you want to grow revenue, improve profitability, or strike a balance between doing what you love and spending time with those you love. In our coaching sessions we guide towards transformation by making new chooses to determine our course into the future.

We have a seven step process to take you from your present condition to your desired future, a future you choose. Make take-away is that you will have the steps you need to guide and reshape your life (and business). Intentionally.

Don’t stay the same. Take the step forward and take your business to the next level!